Children’s Rights Australia Limited (C.R.A.)  
C.R.A. is established to be a charity whose purpose is to advance social or public welfare. The benevolent relief includes working for the relief of poverty or distress (such as abuse, sickness, disability, destitution, suffering, misfortune or helplessness)…in other words, to provide relief to children in need.


  1. Providing services, education and personal development programs that will support the mental, physical and emotional needs of children, particularly those who have been separated from a parent/s and/or their extended family.


  2. Holding activities/events to promote the physical and mental health of children, and to also create community awareness of the challenges of children of separated parents particularly those living within the frame of Family Court Orders (those in progress).


  3. Supporting the family dynamic to ensure the best interests of the child are upheld as per the United Nations’ Children’s Charter of Rights and as per Australian Family Law legislation.


  4. Providing parents and carers with assistance to communicate more effectively with their children through educational live and virtual events.

  5. Providing emergency essentials for children living in unsafe, impoverished and abusive environments.

  6. Providing annual sponsorships to children in need of financial assistance for schooling expenses (camps, school uniforms, books, lunches).
  7. Providing work placements/volunteering opportunities for teens at risk


Personal Development for parents

On-site group/individual training as well as On-line webinars for the ‘Be Aware Children Listen’ program – these center around strategies for parents to better understand and communicate with their children (brain training is at the core of this). CRA is sourcing collaboration partners locally – schools, community center’s, other charities and community groups that align with CRA’s purpose – to work with and be part of/an add value to their events/activities focused on helping children and parents. CRA has written resources available to share with parents.  Life coaching services will also be available for parents either 1:1 or in group sessions, again there will be set periods within the Op Shops where this consulting will be provided – initial session complimentary.

Legal and Financial Counselling

CRA has collaboration partners who will offer legal information and financial counselling both on-site (drop-in, group training or individual sessions via appointment). There will be set periods within the Op Shops where this consulting will be provided – initial session complimentary.

Eligibility requirements

C.R.A. will assist children from families that are challenged with separation from one or both of their parents under agreed custody arrangements and as parents are moving through the legal system to arrange custody through court proceedings as well as post court determination.

Assessment will be on a case-by-case review with regard to needs and available resources..

Specifically for children and young persons (as per the Children and Young People Act 2008 (ACT) whose parents are in the process of separating, getting divorced or are subject to Family Court orders suffering from financial hardship, safety concerns, behavioural issues linked to the breakdown of the parental relationship, anxiety, mental health issues etc.


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Childrens Rights Australia

Caroline Barton and Susan Sheehan

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Caroline Barton is one of the Directors of Children Rights Australia and Susan Sheehan is the Board Advisor, together with Clarrie Holden, Founder of the charity, work together to make a difference to the world of our Australian children.

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